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Custom Letter Donuts

(As of 9/16/2016, We do not bake custom letter donut anymore)

Old pricing down below.

What are Custom Letter Donuts?

Just like how it sounds, they're donuts shaped letters that are handmade from our bakers. We have customers requesting orders for birthdays, parties, and other special events that would like to have their name or word made out of donuts. 

How much are these custom letter donuts?

  • Donuts Per Letter - $3.00*
    • Comes with 1 Flavor of Icing* + Sprinkles
  • Additional Charges 
    • +1 Flavor of Icing = $2.50
    • Speciality Toppings = $.50 per letter

*one flavor of icing is applied to all letters. To mix letters with other icings, additional charges will apply

How soon should I place my order?

We would like to have your order placed 72 hours in advance to keep our Bakers prepared. These donuts are handmade and require a lot more time to prep within our baking process. 

Would you recommend picking up the order the day of the event or a day before?

We highly recommend picking up custom donuts the day of your event. Custom Donuts are tastier the day they are made.

Okay, I'm Ready! How do I place my order?

You can always email or fill out the form down below. A customer service representative will give you call within 72 hours to confirm your order. If a custom rep does not confirm your order, please give us a call at (623) 825-4406.

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